Do you employ contractors and need to outsource some or all of your contractor management? Oncore offers completely flexible solutions to suit your contingent workforce payroll and management requirements.

You can choose the level of service we provide from our range of corporate solutions.

Services for Corporations


Employment Management & Contractor Care

Oncore takes on the employment of all your contractors, ensuring compliant and comprehensive insurance cover and dedicated client care for every individual.


Online Timesheets & Payroll Management

Oncore offers flexible contractor management solutions that guarantee increased invoicing and payroll accuracy through online timesheets, as well as providing you with in-depth payroll reporting across your contractors.


Expense Processing

Oncore has developed a powerful expense management system that is simple to use and provides detailed reporting of your contractors expenses.


Risk Mitigation

Oncore helps mitigate risks to your company with comprehensive and compliant processes, backed by our extensive knowledge of the contractor market.


Detailed Reporting & Client Service

One of the key benefits of Oncore contractor management solution is the detailed reporting available to assist you in monitoring and evaluating your contractors.


Contractor Management Software

Oncore's online client portal is powered by our leading edge contractor management software, designed and built using the latest technology to simplify the contracting process.

Are you looking for a solution to streamline your contractor management?